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Putting my brand new hand carved stamp to good use! Thank you so much _veronictoria for creating thi


Britney Smith was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In May 2019 she completed her Master of Arts with a focus in ceramics at Carlow University. Smith is currently an adjunct at Carlow, and the  Art Education Technician at the Community College of Education Boyce Campus. Smith continues to work as a studio potter and her future endeavors include opening a studio space that will provide opportunities for other local artists.

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Ceramics is a labor of love. When creating a piece, you put your full self into it. It is not only a mentally-demanding, but a physically-demanding process. You work your mind to develop the piece, from tackling different design issues, to physically shaping the clay to form. From beginning to end, ceramics is a laborious medium that deserves your full mind, body, and heart.
My work as an artist focuses on creating a range of functional ceramics. I assemble my work by hand building each form piece-by-piece. My current body of work consists of simplistic geometric forms; utilizing my design skills, I continue to develop my knowledge of the medium. I explore new designs and forms using various clay bodies, glazes, and firing techniques, creating pieces that take on very different meanings as they change within each process.

About Me: Bio
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